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The importance of getting your car regularly serviced

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

The importance of getting your car regularly serviced cannot be overestimated.

If you are confident with cars and engineering, you may want to service your car yourself.However, as servicing is important for your safety, it is probably best to either take your car to a garage, or to use one of the growing number of mobile mechanics.

Car servicing is a simple process, but can make a huge difference both to the value and the lifetime of the car. People will always pay more for a car with a full service history.

Most people still take their cars to a garage to be serviced, but mobile car servicing is a growing business, and is a massive bonus to those people that may not be able to easily take their car to a garage during opening hours.

Finding a reputable mechanic or garage is usually done by word of mouth.

Car servicing, whether carried out by a mobile mechanic or at a garage, will always consist of the same basic checks. Most car manufacturers have certain checks that need to be carried out at certain milages, to ensure the safety of the car. In order to get a stamp in the service book, those checks must be carried out at an approved service centre for that make of car.

Services include very important checks, such as to the engine and brakes, and as such it is highly recommended that all services are carried out at the milages recommended.

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