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Maintaining the condition of your motorcycle

| February 9, 2012 | 0 Comments

Maintaining the condition of your motorcycle is about more than just keeping it looking good. It is also about safety.

While bikes have to pass an MOT test once a year in the same way as any other vehicle it is also important to get it regularly serviced.

Each manufacturer will give guidance as to when you should service your motorbike, and what should be done, but it is wise to learn some basic checks that you can do yourself more often.

Motorcycle servicing can be carried out at most garages that deal with motorbikes, and many dealers can also do this for you.

Make sure you keep your bike clean. If you ride in the wet, or on gritted roads then give the bike a hose off after you have ridden it. The dirt from roads can cause rust and erode the bike.

Check the tyres every time before you ride. Check the condition and that they aren’t showing excess wear. Check the pressures often.

You should always check the brakes before you go out. Ride forward slowly and check both the front and back brakes work, and do not feel odd. Check that when you brake the bike doesn’t pull to the left or right.


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